Valletta Fireworks Festival

The Floriana Local Council, Malta is organizing the Second Malta Festival of Mechanised Ground Fireworks (locally known as "Nar ta' l-Art") which will be held in Saint Publius Square on Saturday, 5 April 2008, on the eve of the feast of St Publius, Patron Saint of Malta and particular Patron Saint of Floriana. Ground fireworks are a unique Maltese pyrotechnic tradition, and since the festival will be held on the eve of Floriana's Parish Feast, those who attend the festival will also get a taste of the lavish local festivities which are a hallmark of Maltese Festas. The Festival will be held in the largest square in Malta. A total of 16 different firework factories will field two ground firework pieces each, to compete for numerous prizes that will be awarded by an international jury. Entrance is free.

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